Blockchains, Wallets & Web3 is still relatively new technology and we've noticed some known issues that developers and users may encounter. Here's some troubleshooting solutions to help

  1. How can I see if a Write Transaction went through?

    Incase you didn't know already, there's a way for you to manually check any transaction that has been sent to the blockchain. This is not only useful when using Emergence, but also great in general to see the status of any transaction. Here are two options: Etherscan is an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer to check Ethereum based transactions: https://etherscan.io/ Polyscan is a Polygon Chain Explorer to check Polygon based transactions: https://polygonscan.com/

  2. I'm not seeing my Write Transactions on Etherscan, but I signed the transaction. What happened?

    First thing to check, as a User, be sure that you set the appropriate amount of gas fees for your transaction. This happens in Metamask (or your wallet of choice). If you didn't set enough priority fee on your transaction, then it may have failed. You can see how to do this here (for Metamask). Second thing to note, if you are testing on a Testnet (ex: Goerli or Mumbai), then note, that these chains don't do a great job at estimating gas fees in your wallet. If you get fails when trying to execute write transactions, you may want to use the "High" fee setting in your wallet for testnets. You can see how to do this here (for Metamask). Thirdly, there's a concept of Nonce in metamask. When you send a transaction, the number for that transaction goes up. Normally... But sometimes, a blockchain's transaction failed, but your wallet things it has. So the nonce number is "off". You can read more about this here. But... to get around this, there's a way to manually set the nonce number to override the failed transaction. This shouldn't happen often, but if it does, here's a workaround you can use.

Blockchain tech is still very new! So we'll keep adding some tips & tricks that we've found to help you debug when issues arise!

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