Getting the Current Persona

As a Developer, you may want to get access to your users' Personas. For example, getting their user name, permission settings, bio and avatar data. This is how you would do this using our blueprints.

To listen for updates to the current persona, you can bind to CachedPersonaUpdated:

To get the cached persona at any time, you can use CurrentCachedPersona. Warning: if there isn't any active persona (for example, if the player isn't logged in, you're running Emergence on a server, or the player hasn't made one yet), you can check for this by looking for a blank ID.

The Persona struct contains some information which you can make use of in your game such as the personas name, bio and any associated EAS avatar IDs.

"Settings" is currently not used, and "(Deprecated) Avatar" is Deprecated.

Arguably the most useful for your game will be "Name", which can act as the display name, and the avatar URL which can be loaded and used as the player's character mesh. Players may have two personas with the same name, so its useful to use the ID (which is always unique) if you want to reference a specific persona.

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