Lamina1 Integration

How to integrate Lamina1 blockchain with Emergence

Emergence 0.3.3 Update

As of version 0.3.3, the Lamina1 Betanet blockchain (called "Lamina1Betanet") asset comes pre-packaged with Emergence, so you don't need to do any of the following tutorial. The section below is only kept here as an example for older versions.

This is a tutorial for integrating the Lamina1 blockchain with Emergence. It assumes you've completed the getting started steps for your game engine (Unreal / Unity).

Creating a new blockchain asset

Start by right-clicking the background of the Content Browser. Go to Web3 and select Blockchain.

I called the asset "Lamina1Chain".

Open the asset and fill it in with these details:

Name: Lamina1Betanet Node URL: Symbol: L1 Chain ID: 7649

Hit save, and this is your blockchain complete. You can now include this chain in any of your deployed contracts!

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