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Web3 SDK for Game Developers

What Is Emergence SDK?

Emergence is a Web3 protocol for game developers, plugging into game engines such as the Unreal Engine and Unity through our Web3 based SDKs. Emergence empowers game developers with wallet authentication, smart contracts, avatar systems and NFT inventory services. Our easy to use and creative tooling allows players to then easily sign-in using their crypto wallets and play with the persona of their choice transparently. While giving the tools to game developers to have utility and make use of userโ€™s nft items and embed them into their games seamlessly.

Emergence is designed to be the easy on-ramp for the Open Metaverse, made available in games, virtual worlds, virtual reality and more via integration of the Emergence SDK.

Embracing Interoperability

The Emergence Protocol provides the necessary tools so that creators can start building Interoperable worlds, where users can create their on-chain personas and load their avatars, inventory and data into metaverse worlds of their choosing.

Utility is Key to Web 3

By providing tools such as the Inventory Service, Creators can start looking at the utility behind NFTs. Not just from its original design, but by thinking about using them as actual GameObjects in their virtual worlds. Developers can utilize Emergence's Inventory Service to store dynamic metadata into their users' NFTs.

Information like in any game world, changes as users interact with their objects. This opens a wide opportunity to think about a whole new set of Web3 based gaming and what an NFT can be, and how it evolves through metaverse experiences. NFTs are more than just PFPs. They can be viewed as persistence interoperable game objects. Bringing new innovations to storytelling, interactions, experiences and more.

Why Use Emergence SDK?

The Emergence SDK provides low and high-level code access to the required functions to interact with EVM networks and wallets. From authenticating your users with digital signatures, which enables a new form of universal authentication, up to reading and writing to smart contracts. And providing the tools such as the Avatar System and Inventory Service, Emergence provides a set of functions so any Metaverse Creator can easily and seamless leverage the power of Web 3, without being a pro in the space (though we'll definitely help get you there!)

Who is Emergence For?

Emergence is built by and for Game developers that want to integrate blockchain technology into their games. We are developing tools to access EVM networks in a safe way while also laying down the mould to build a global network of gamers without a central party authority.

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