Management of Personas

One of the core services that Emergence offers is the Personas module.

Personas are digital identities. They portray a name, a profile picture, a bio and the ability for users to associate an Avatar NFT to their persona to then load into any game world. Through our services game developers are able to pull data from these personas; using the end-user wallet as a query parameter. This allows users to carry a single identity across multiple games. The authentication method to access these personaโ€™s is wallet based.

Some use cases that you can think of:

  • Displaying a persona name in-game

  • Using the related avatar of a persona to use as a game character

  • Displaying information/stats about a given persona

Our easy to use tools allow developers to easily integrate the Persona System into your game worlds, and allow users to easily Create, Edit and Load in their Persona of choice into your game.

Here is a Tutorial to get started using Emergence and Setting Up Personas for your game Getting Started with Emergence - Unreal Engine

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