Emergence Overlay

The overlay provides a system for users to log into your game with wallet connect, browse their NFTs, see their balance, and create / edit personas. The overlay is opened with library methods available in Unreal and Unity, and requires you to have implemented all the code found in Getting Started (Unreal or Unity).

First Time Launch

When the player opens the overlay for the first time, the are shown the following introductory screens:


The user is shown a QR code which they scan with any WallectConnect enabled wallet.

After they've scanned it, they'll be asked if they want to connect to Emergence and sign an access token. After they've done both of those, they'll be taken to the Home Screen.


Home Screen

Once the user has logged in, they are taken to home screen:

On this screen the user can select their active persona, and create, edit or delete personas.

Create / Edit Persona Screens

These screens allow the user to create or edit personas. They can give them a EAS Avatar, Name and Bio.


This screen allows the user to see what NFTs they have in their inventory. Currently only NFTs from the Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, Tezos, Solana and ImmutableX chains are able to be shown in this inventory. The inventory can be filtered by a text search on the NFT's name, a selection by blockchain, or a selection by Dynamic Metadata category.

The inventory can also be opened by a using the NFTPicker method. This allows you to open the user's overlay with specific filters pre-set, and recieve a callback when the user selects a NFT. This can be useful for allowing the user to select which of their NFTs they want to use in your game, much like a file browser.

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