Read-Write from Smart Contracts

Read, process and store data through EVM networks.

The Emergence SDK currently supports loading your contract ABI's and addresses, so you can perform all sort of operations with them.

From within the game client, you can request your users to sign transactions and broadcast them. Given that Emergence SDK runs natively on Game Engines you can also set up it to run on the server instance of your game, providing access to many use cases, like:

Use Cases

  • Provide access to your game (Grant access to your game only to users that met certain on-chain conditions; like for example, owning an ERC1155)

    • This enables to make the access to your game a liquid token; enabling secondary sales and receiving royalties of those secondary sales.

  • Authenticate the access to your game assets through on-chain data

    • This enables you as a developer to integrate existing projects into your game, like for example, Bored Ape Yacht Club, to grant access to a certain character, only available if you own a BAYC NFT.

  • Handle the data and server-side mechanics of your game through custom smart contracts, standard contracts, and/or hybrid solutions

    • Harness the real power of decentralization, smart contracts enable transparency (ideal for many games where 'luck'/gamble factors are involved) so everyone knows who and how is running the program

  • Use ERC20's as a game currency

    • Use existing tokens (stablecoins, governance tokens, etc) as your game currency, or develop your own one. This opens the possiblity to be listed in CEXs (binance, coinbase, etc) or DEXs if the community wants provide liquidity

You can find a Tutorial Here about how to Read-Write to Smart Contracts Read-Write from Smart Contracts - Unreal

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