Inventory Service - Using an NFT picker

An example of this can be found in the Emergence Sample Project, check it out here!

The NFT picker is effectively the "Open File" dialogue box of games that make use of Emergence. It allows a developer to open the player's wallet (or any other wallet) and the player to click on a NFT to select it, and this selection is passed back to the game.

The following blueprint example will open the "NFT picker" with the search filter set to "test", displaying only NFTs that match the category "Weapons" on the blockchain Polygon. When one is selected successfully, it will print the contract address to the log (as an example).

The NFT categories system is very subject to change.

Which looks like this (for me):

The player can change the filter set in the UI after you've set it with the NFT picker. Your game should check the validity of whatever the user picks.

The NFT Picker can also be opened to a wallet other than that owned by the player. This is useful if you need the player to pick something from someone else's wallet, such as setting up trades, etc. The option to set this can be found in the advanced dropdown of the NFTPicker node.

For example, here is all the categories (no category filtering), blockchain Polygon, search "Meta" in "0xc33411F5dAE18253AB23068B700B5a0c9C44DA2C"'s wallet.

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