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Emergence SDK - An Interoperability Protocol for World Builders

Emergence is a Web3 protocol for game developers, plugging into game engines such as the Unreal Engine and Unity through our Web3 based SDKs. Emergence empowers game developers with wallet authentication, smart contracts, an avatar system and NFT inventory services. Giving easy to use tools & samples, so any creator can leverage the power of Web3.

Overview of Services

The Emergence SDK currently is made of up the following Core Features for Creators and Users to take advantage of

  • Wallet Connect: Easy plug and play for creators to use, and connect to any EVM compatible network. This allows your users to then easily connect their wallets to your game world and be used for a number of use cases.

  • Personas: Personas are digital identities; they portray a name, a profile picture, a bio and associated Avatar. Through our services game developers are able to pull data from these personas; using the end-user wallet as a query parameter. This allows it to carry a single identity across multiple games.

  • Avatar System: Smart Contract, Storage & Tools so users can bring their favorite NFT avatars into your game world! Emergence provides the tools & standards so any creator can support users bringing their favorite NFT Avatars into your game world. And for users and collection creators to utilize our smart contract & storage solution, so their avatars can be Open Metaverse enabled.

  • Reading & Writing to Smart Contracts: Easy to use tools for creators to read and write to wallet connected users NFTs, with full signing & validation functionality

  • Inventory Service: Just like in games, we need to provide context and information to game objects, the same is needed for NFTs. The Inventory Service provides you with tools to read-write to dynamic-metadata tied to NFTs. Being able to tie detailed information to use in your game worlds and bring in objects of value to yours.

Dive into the next sections to learn more about these features, our architecture & more!

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